What did the chicken say to the guinea pig

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what did the chicken say to the guinea pig

chickens and guinea pig

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Speak to an Expert Today! Ph These sounds, while they may be cute, are also used as a way to communicate and express their wants, needs and feelings to one another, and to their owner-you! So what exactly is your guinea trying to say when they get particularly vocal? Below is a guide to help you decipher all that crazy cavy chatter!

Forgot your password? Or sign in with one of these services. By patsylabrador , July 31 in The Nesting Box. By mollyripkim , March 5, in Rabbits and Guinea Pigs. Have been thinking for over a year about getting a pair of guinea pigs but all the current advice seems to be that they have to be kept indoors. As kids we always had them outside. Anyway I have a large walk in run and was hoping to put their hutch in there, chickens wouldn't be able to get to them but I did wonder if I would ever be able to FR the piggies in the run with the chickens whilst I was there.

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Coming up are real, first hand experiences from some of our staff who have tasted Guinea Pig in Peru. Be warned: some readers may be put off their Quavers. Imagine the brown, stringy meat, from close to the bone on a chicken leg… but greasier and not much of it. You can have it deep-fried like this bad boy here, made as fillets, or even a stew. Adam B I was in South America last year and tried it a few times. I would describe it as tasting like chewy, fishy chicken with a few charred hairs thrown in there too! I ate Guinea pig near Puno on the border between Bolivia and Peru.

Guinea Pigs: What's That Sound?

We need your amazing chicken photos for our Calendar! Discussion in ' Guinea Fowl ' started by gobbles! BackYard Chickens.

This is one experiment where the guinea pigs are just that: guinea pigs. The small rodents have been discovered in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and could, scientists believe, help end food shortages in the war-torn country.


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  1. A policeman caught a nasty little boy with a bb gun in one hand and a guinea pig in the other. "Now Listen here," the policeman said, "Whatever you do to that.

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