What time are the nfl football games today

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NFL regular season

what time are the nfl football games today

Cowboys vs. 49ers Preseason Week 1 Highlights - NFL 2019

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NFL teams have reported to training camp and the return of football is tantalizingly close, regardless if the games count or not. While many of the NFL's biggest stars may play just a few series over the course of four weeks, the preseason serves as our first taste of football and a final chance for fringe players looking to make the man roster for Week 1 of the regular season. With CBA negotiations ongoing and the current version of the agreement set to expire after the season, this could potentially be one of the final seasons that teams play four preseason games with players and owners reportedly having discussions to reduce the amount of exhibition games in order to lengthen the regular season. The preseason allows fans to experience a gameday atmosphere in an NFL stadium at a reduced price, but it will also feature three games at unique locations with the Falcons and Broncos playing in Canton, Ohio Aug. Below is the full schedule for every week of the NFL preseason, as well as how to watch each game. The Class of enshrinement ceremony follows two days later. While the Falcons and Broncos will play five preseason games, the other 30 teams play four each, with the final games wrapping up Aug.

The preseason is well underway as week 3 continues Thursday night and into this weekend. With just two weeks to go until the Packers take on the Bears on Sept.
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It consists of games, where each team 32 total plays 16 games during a week period. Since , the NFL schedule generally has games in one of five time slots during the week. One Monday night game then starts at PM ET every week with the exception of the first week of the regular season, in which two Monday night games are played back-to-back the second game always occurring on the West coast , as well as the last week of the season, in which no Monday night game is held. In addition to these regularly scheduled games, there are occasionally games at other times, such as a Saturday afternoon or evening, or the annual Thanksgiving Day games in which three games are played. During the final week of the regular season, all games are held on Sunday. In place since , the current broadcasting contract establishes broadcast partners for each game.

How to watch Packers vs. Raiders, Texans vs. Cowboys and more NFL preseason week 3 games


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