Is damn a curse word

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is damn a curse word

Deaf People Teach Us Bad Words - Deaf People Tell - Cut

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Of course, damn is a bad word. Putting God in front of damn is the worst of the worst of profanity. I think God understands. If not, a bunch of people are screwed. Maybe the tortured souls down there need tables, nails, and hammers too.

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But damn , the music is catchy—a neo-soul aural assault of horns, electro swirls, yelps, funky basslines, and harmonized vocals. He had just as much right to be there as any other damn body. Fortunately, no one gives a damn about a Daily Beast reporter. Dread is the feeling I get when something bad seems to be on the way, and I know that there's not a damn thing I can do about it. If Bishop Caiaphas had been a layman he would perhaps have added, Damn him!

Is damn a swear word?


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  1. He persuaded them that “damn” was not used in the context of judging, but It's not the worst curse word to be said, and it's connotation isn't as.

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