Is it a sin to say oh my god

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is it a sin to say oh my god

To be honest, I feel even a little bit guilty typing the words, Oh my God. Of course, it is certainly not wrong to use the phrase Oh my God when.


I voted "in some cases" because it depends on how you use the phrase. In prayer it is certainly not blasphemy. Outside of prayer, I think it is taking His name in vain unless you are truly trying to call attention to God or praise Him in some other way. Taking His name in vain, while a sin, is not always blasphemy either. Jsut for those who are not sure what is meant by blasphemy and are not sure how they wish to answer the poll, here is what the Church defines it as:.

May 10, God , Life's Lessons 13 comments. And they brought him unto Moses. While that most serious of penalties has long since ceased to be inflicted, the gravity of the sin has not changed. Kelly, I am going to give you an answer you are probably not expecting. The third commandment states,. It is commonly understood that this commandment speaks to the specific use of the name of God in non-holy contexts and generally of language vulgarity in communication; it actually has little to do with that. So serious was violation of this law considered in ancient Israel that blasphemy of the name of the Lord was regarded as a capital crime.

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Does saying oh my gosh still count as using God's name in vain? So saying OMG at the most mild occurrence is not a grievous sin.
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Dear AskACatholic,. I have a question. Natalie B. Bob replied:. Dear Natalie,. While it is always wrong to take the Lord's Name in vain, this does not fall into the category of mortal sin.

Is it Wrong to Say, Oh My God?

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